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When we first found out we were going to have a baby, it was a classic example of ‘there is never a RIGHT time’. We’d moved back into the flat the day before, and the week after the UK shut down completely. We needed to work out how to do a total budget nursery makeover with very limited space!

After taking inspiration from loads of nursery room ideas we found online, we’ve decided to keep it pretty neutral. This is partly because we don’t know the gender of the baby, and partly because it matches the rest of the interiors in our flat. In terms of ‘theme’, I’d definitely say a boho-scandi mix has emerged.

Because we are on a tight budget, it’s been a challenge to find second-hand bits that fit in with the look we’re going with. For that reason, we did end up buying some items brand new, but we always stuck to a pretty strict budget. We’d like to think we’ve managed pretty well!

In this blog post, for something a bit different, we share our best budget nursery makeover finds with you. As we are based in the UK but have readers from all over the world, we’ve included multiple links if items are not available in different countries. Hopefully, that’ll make your life a little easier!

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Budget Nursery Makeover pin

Budget Nursery Makeover

Nursery Flooring

As soon as we found out we were having a baby, we both felt that the flooring was our priority. We’d had the same grubby, tatty carpet since before we moved in (gross) and it was HIGH time for a change.

We spent ages trawling through the internet to find laminate flooring we liked and that wasn’t going to cost a small fortune. It was decided that we were going to use the same flooring throughout the flat (excluding the kitchen and bathroom) so we both needed to like it and it needed to last.

Eventually, we chose the GoodHome Albury Natural Oak effect Laminate flooring from B&Q. As neither of us had laid laminate flooring before, it took us a little while to get the hang of it, but after Sam’s dad and brother kindly gave us a hand, Sam was unstoppable.

Our best advice is to take your time and do a lot of prep and research beforehand so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Don’t forget to get your underlay down first – we used this stuff (also from B&Q).

You’ll also want to stock up on the matching trims and thresholds.

Gender Neutral Paint Colours

After losing myself in a world of baby bedroom ideas on Pinterest, we decided that actually we quite liked the colour of the walls in the spare room already. We had painted them in a Valspar matte paint called Tidy White, which we got from B&Q years ago! As you can tell, we have a bit of a B&Q habit…

The colour itself is off-white with ever-so-slight grey tones to it, so we felt that it would be perfect for a gender-neutral nursery! All we did was recoat the walls and fill in a few holes from where we’d removed the desk.

If you’d rather save more money and get a premixed colour, this selection here is probably your best bet.

Nursery Window Hangings

In terms of the window covering, we were a bit stuck for baby room ideas. Initially, we had planned on leaving the old curtains up, but on closer inspection, the lining had started to come away so that was a non-starter.

After some thought, we settled on a blackout roller blind in a neutral colour. Earthy tones are supposed to be calming for babies, but we’ll let you know on that one come November!

To make it look a bit nicer, we also bought a basic white curtain rail from Argos and then ordered these cheap white voiles from Amazon. It’ll also give the room a bit of privacy during the day, as it’s slightly overlooked by next door.

Affordable Cot Bed

This was a bit of a fiasco! Sam’s brother had picked us up a cot bed that was being given away for free at the side of the road, and we thought that was what we would be using. Who doesn’t love free stuff, amiright?

Anyway, after we cleaned it down and started looking into it, it didn’t meet current safety standards in the UK. Although most of the articles we read said that it would still be ok, we both felt that we’d rather not risk it.

So, we will be buying a new cot bed! We are going to be getting one similar to this style, as we both wanted a bit more than just a plain white cot bed. Plus, because it’s a cot bed, it’ll last the baby for a while, saving us from needing to buy a new toddler bed. (click here for the UK, click here for the US).

Cheap Nursery Chest of Drawers

Instead of having a changing table with drawers underneath, we chose to maximise the limited space available and buy a chest of drawers instead. That way, a changing mat will still fit on top, but we have more storage space to play with.

It was actually really hard to find drawers we liked, that fitted in the room, and that weren’t super expensive! Eventually, we settled on some from Argos.

We’ve found similar ones to the set we bought here on B&Q and here on Amazon UK.

For dressers that are available in the US, click here.

Boho Ceiling Light

The nursery designs we had looked at all seemed to feature a beautiful rattan ceiling light. However, when we looked online, some of them were SO expensive and immediately outside of our price range.

So, when we found this one in B&Q (again, B&Q saves the day) we snapped it up immediately. It casts a beautiful shadow across the ceiling and really ties in with the earthy boho decorations we’ve chosen – more on that later.

The Perfect Baby Room Rug

As we have laminate flooring down now, we were concerned that the room may feel a bit sterile and hard for a baby. But that’s nothing that a rug won’t fix!

Amazon UK has some amazing boho rugs – take a look at them all here. If you’re in the States, the one we bought is very similar to this one.

Gender Neutral Nursery Decorations

Buying cute little nursery decorations has been a total highlight, and we’ve spent hours adding items on Etsy to our favourites.

Some items we’ve bought include this beautiful moon clock, this macrame rainbow, and these incredible prints to go up on the wall behind the cot.

Another little item we bought was a bamboo starburst wall mirror. I’d been lusting after one for ages, but there wasn’t really anywhere else to put it in the flat. So as soon as we settled on the boho nursery theme, I knew it would be added to the list of things to buy!

There is a similar one here on Amazon: Rattan Wall-Mounted Mirror.

Newborn Moses Basket

The current NHS advice is to sleep with your baby in the same room as you for the first six months or so. However, our bedroom is EXTREMELY limited on space, so we aren’t completely sure how this will work out.

We picked up a second hand Moses basket from Facebook Marketplace (literally a Godsend), but ideally, we’d have a bedside cosleeping cot like this one.

Sadly, we just don’t have the space at either side of the bed, so we’ll just have to hope we don’t have a large baby that outgrows the Moses basket too soon!

Shop the post below!

Gender Neutral Nursery Makeover

Unsurprisingly, we’ve spent the most on the flooring. However, this is probably just because we’ve changed the whole flooring throughout the flat. If we were to be really picky about it, it probably wouldn’t have cost us all that much to replace the floor in just the nursery.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing our baby bedroom ideas be realised, and it’s making it all a lot more real! In another few months, we will have an actual, real-life baby in there. In some ways, keeping it gender-neutral has been much easier. It’s also allowed us to work in our style a lot more without making the space overly baby-ish.

To read more about my pregnancy so far, take a look at my Pregnancy Diary: First Trimester blog post.

What does your house, and nursery, look like? What themes have you used? Let us know!

Cheers, all the best.

Sam & Kez x

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