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Margaret River is known for gourmet cuisine, craft breweries, and premium wineries. Needless to say, food and alcohol can often come at a hefty price. The market town thrives off year-round tourism, partly thanks to its picturesque beaches and world-renowned surf breaks.

Margaret River is also popular for backpackers seeking to obtain their 88 regional days for their second-year visa. The 150+ wineries in the area provide grape picking from January – April and pruning from June – September. As such, there are ample opportunities to tick off the required regional days.

With all these tourists and backpackers, where does everybody go on a Friday afternoon?

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Margaret River Drinking Options 

If you have a designated driver you could always cruise along Caves Road and stop at the abundance of breweries and cellar doors in the Margaret River region. As idealistic as this may be, not only would this burn a hole in your pocket extremely quickly, but your poor skipper would soon lose interest. This type of outing is definitely best enjoyed on one of the numerous organised tours run throughout the region.

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Closer to home, the town’s watering holes are a varied bunch ranging from pubs to high-end bars. Sadly, the price range doesn’t tend to be as varied. We have found that a few drinks out can quickly break our budget.

So if like us, you are backpacking through Australia, or perhaps you just like your hard-earned cash to go as far as possible, we have collated an easy guide to the best Happy Hour deals that Margaret River has to offer.   

Margaret River Deals: Those Who Just Missed The Boat

The Settlers Tavern

The most popular hideaway in Margaret River is by far The Settlers Tavern (or ‘The Tav’ to the locals). Situated in the middle of Main Street, this vibrant pub always has a busy outdoor area. Plus, it provides live music on most nights. It has a later Happy Hour time of 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm but the cheap drinks on offer aren’t well publicised.

Having been here for drinks on a few occasions and spoken with the bar staff, the deal seems to be $2 off the beer on tap, or $2 off the house wines. This makes the Happy Hour range around $11 – $13 a pint or $5 – $8 a glass of wine.

Although this is fine with us, without knowing the offers due to a lack of assigned Happy Hour menu makes it tricky to know how much value we are getting for our Aussie dollar. Because of this, the beloved Tavern falls just outside our Top 3 Happy Hours in Margaret River. Despite this, it is worth noting that it is by far the best place to go to meet new people and watch sport.

The River

Being a little away from the obvious hotspots on the high street, The River is an English-styled country pub that again has live music on offer. However, like their Happy Hour deals, this only happens on a Sunday (as far as we are aware)!

The back garden provides an excellent place to see out the weekend. But, as we are only aware of their Sunday deals, it means that they too fall outside our Top Three.

Margaret River Happy Hour Menu, The River

That being said, Happy Hour seems to be all day on Sunday. However, the cheap Bloody Marys may have blurred our memories on this one! They usually change the offers each week. A large board on the bar will identify exactly what drinks are on offer when you arrive.

Whilst not an official winner, the extended Sunday Day Drinking Award is 100% presented to The River. Plus, you can also get tacos for $5 then too, and I’m sure no one will argue with that.

The Top Three Margaret River Deals

Number 3 – Morries

From 5 pm – 6 pm, you can spend the evening at the hip Main Street restaurant, Morries. Don’t be put off by its intimidating exterior. Presenting a surprisingly urban black façade overhanging a lush outdoor seating area, this Happy Hour has a lot to offer at very reasonable prices.

Morries Bar, Margaret River

When we were there, a local pint of Eagle Bay Lager was on offer at only $7.50. For the more hardcore drinkers, a stronger pint of Estelle Saison is available at the same price.

Wine of the Day, red or white, is also a budget-friendly $7.50. You can even penny-pinch further and have a glass of sparkling for $5. This obviously went down a treat with Kez.

Should you feel the need to be more adventurous, you can take up the offer of two cocktails for $30. Be aware however that it needs to be the same cocktail ordered at the same time. We love this option as it gives us the chance to mix up our standard cheap drinks order.

Morries Bar Happy Hour Menu

Once you have taken up the Happy Hour offer you can sit back and relax, either inside on one of the comfy chairs or in the restaurant area. We tend to opt to sit outside (if we time it right, as it can get really busy) to be able to people watch.

The outdoor area is warm and sheltered, with candles lit on each table. You basically have no excuse but to remain seated for at least the hour and take up the cheap drinks offers.

Plus, you can also choose from a range of small plates at $10 within the hour, giving you even fewer excuses to leave.

Number 2 – Elkamo

Also from 5 pm – 6 pm is Elkamo, another establishment whose exterior gives off that minimal vibe. You get a distinctly nordic interior vibe, complete with a cool dropped open fireplace and huge Main Street fronted windows.

Elkamo Margaret River Drinks Menu

A wide selection of tap beers is on offer for $8. A glass of local red or white wine is available for $7. However, the real offer here is that ALL cocktails are on offer at $15 each! And rest assured, there are some great varieties to choose from.

Be it a seriously spicy Chilli Elk to a super addictive Gin Garden, Elkamo’s cocktail list caters for all. Be sure to drink up quick to get another round in!

Best Cocktails in Margaret River

Table service is standard. However, should you feel the need to be closer to the action, bar stalls are available. The interior has minimal lighting from the dropped pendant fixtures, whilst a huge splash of colour can be seen from the wall leading to the front door. Just in case one too many cocktails make you forget the way out!

And if that wasn’t enough, Elkamo also offers up some excellent tapas dishes at $12 each to make sure you line your stomach adequately.   

How to have a Cheap Night Out in Margaret River - Elkamo Interior

Number 1 – Swings Taphouse & Kitchen

Another at 5 pm – 6 pm is our winner, Swings Taphouse. This is the bar and kitchen of the popular winery Swings & Roundabouts on Caves Road. It provides an extensive range of beers and wines from the impressive-looking bar – and not forgetting the best pizzas in the region!

Swings Taphouse Wine on Tap Menu

The bar is dominated by large, stainless steel tap pumps on show. Happy Hour is not only for beers (priced at a mere $8 a pint) but also for the wines. These are priced at an even more reasonable cost of $5 a glass.

Whilst the wines come straight from the vineyard 15 minutes away, the beers are more flexible. Swings is well known for supporting breweries in takeover events which constantly provides new ranges to sample.

Wine on Tap at Swings, Margaret River

The restaurant is up a small number of steps to the left, and the large bar area is snugly arranged fronting a large open fireplace. Barrels, crates, and pallets form the rest of the interior. The large windows and bi-folding doors allow for plenty of light to enter the rooms, creating a fresh but cosy atmosphere.

If the impressive range of wines and beers on offer still doesn’t convince you of our Margaret River Happy Hour winner, perhaps the fact that you can order a beer AND pizza for only $25 will. 

Margaret River deals

Thirsty For More Nightlife in Margaret River?

If you do visit the Margaret River region, you’ll definitely be eager to experience what else is out there. Whilst we hope this blog post has given you an insight on where to wine and dine at a reasonable price, there is an alternative which is FREE.

Yes, genuinely free.

Ahh, the word every backpacker lusts for.

We alluded earlier on that going to each winery would burn a hole in your pocket. Whilst this is true if you bought a bottle of wine at each stop, you can always sample wines for free at the cellar doors.

There are, of course, a few exceptions to this. Some wineries don’t offer all their varieties out for free, as the yield is so low each year. Plus, some wineries charge you a small amount for their tastings.

For an extensive list of Margaret River wineries, please click here.

You may have assumed that going to a cellar door as a backpacker is perhaps not the most inviting of places. Perhaps you are worried about the inevitable pressure to purchase after tasting. Rest assured, not all wineries are like this!

If you can gloss over the sales pitch and enjoy the wines on offer then it’s free alcohol. Which is totally worthwhile in our books. You might learn a thing or two as well. With 150+ wineries to drive to, you have no excuse not to be a wine connoisseur at the end of it all. Just make sure you take your designated driver for a well-earnt pint after, preferably between 5 pm – 6 pm!

Where To Stay in Margaret River

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Cheers, all the best.

Sam & Kez x

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