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We lived in Margs from April until July 2018 and definitely made the most of the opportunities to explore the region and make lasting memories in one of the most picturesque areas ever. We’ve used our experiences to create this list of ten things you have to do when visiting the Margaret River region, so you can enjoy your time there as much as we did.

Margaret River is known for being a sleepy surfer town surrounded by some of the best wineries in Australia. It is also a popular destination for travellers and holiday-makers alike. The Margaret River region encompasses Margaret River (funnily enough) and the surrounding areas of south-west Western Australia.

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10 Things You Have To Do When Visiting The Margaret River Region
Cape to Cape trail, Margaret River

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Things you have to do when visiting the Margaret River region

Forest Adventures

We received a complimentary visit to Forest Adventures South West. All of these opinions are our own. 

First up on our Margaret River itinerary is a ziplining course! Being the outdoorsy-types that we are, it may come as a surprise that we had never done a climbing based activity before this one. Forest Adventures South West is a short drive north of Margaret River and offers you the chance to climb, zip line, and cycle (yes, really!) around the treetops on its high rope course. 

Things you have to do when visiting the Margaret River region - Forest Adventures

The course increases in difficulty and adrenaline levels as you go, so it’s suitable for all abilities. We were such novices at the start (I think it took us something like 20 minutes just to get us both around the training course!) but we managed to work our way up and complete one of the advanced courses during our time there.

The hardest thing was getting used to clipping and unclipping the carabiners! This was reassuring though as it meant that there was basically zero risk of us not being secure at all times. 

Forest Adventures South West, Busselton

If you want to enjoy the course at your own pace without feeling as though you are getting in the way of others, try to time your visit to miss school holidays and other busy periods.

We went early one Saturday morning, outside of school holidays. We were one of just two couples on the course at the time. It was perfect for us, and meant that we could get some cool photos without needing to edit out lots of people in the background! 

Ziplining course, Western Australia

Cape Naturaliste & Cape Leeuwin Lighthouses 

If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that we are BIG lighthouse fans. The Margaret River region boasts two gorgeous lighthouses – Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. These mark the start and end of the Cape to Cape Walking Track and are well worth a visit.

In total, the track itself is 135km from lighthouse to lighthouse and takes between 5-8 days to complete. Make sure to bring plenty of water as the track can be quite exposed in parts. There are usually taps to refill bottles near some of the beaches, but it’s definitely one of the places to see in Margaret River.

You can book a guided tour if you’re new to bushwalking, which usually includes lunch at one of the local wineries too – click here to check some options out and book.

Cape Leeuwin lighthouse
Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is at the top, near Dunsborough and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is at the bottom, just beyond Augusta. You can climb them both, however, we opted to just walk around them and enjoy the scenery from the ground.

It costs more to climb them, obviously, but you can purchase a combined Lighthouses and Caves Visitor Pass. This works out pretty economically if you are planning to visit the famous caves in the Margaret River region as well.

Follow me to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse


We also have a soft spot for underground exploration. As soon as we knew we were headed to Margaret River we knew we were going to visit the caves. The Margaret River region has literally HUNDREDS of caves. Most of them are found on or around the aptly-named Caves Road.

New caves are being discovered all the time; people still go out ‘cave hunting’ in the hopes that they will find a cave worthy of being named after them. You could tick off a fair few of them when trying to find things to do in the Margaret River region!

things you have to do when visiting the margaret river region - caves
Margaret River caves

We visited the four main caves: Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, Jewel Cave, and Ngilgi Cave. They are all so different from each other too! We loved how big Mammoth Cave was, and the self-guided element to it, but we also loved the explorer-feel we got from Jewel and Ngilgi Caves, and the epic sights and guided tour of Lake Cave. If you have the time, definitely try to do all four. 

The following Viator tours include visits to the caves:

Mammoth Cave, Margaret River

If you only have time to visit one, we’d recommend either Lake Cave (guided tour) or Mammoth Cave (self-guided). We personally aren’t huge fans of a guided tour, as we like to take our time to get good photos and take it all in by ourselves.

Lake Cave’s tour wasn’t too long though, and we did get time to wander off by ourselves during it so we didn’t come away feeling like a herd of cattle. 

Caves Road, Margaret River

Sunflowers Animal Farm

This was a highlight for Kez especially. An animal sanctuary with accommodation attached, Sunflowers Animal Farm is a short drive away from the main street of Margaret River.

With kangaroos, joeys, goats, sheep, horses, cows, guinea pigs, chickens, and an emu (plus many more cuties to get to know), we spent basically half a day there feeding and patting the animals. You can even stay there in their onsite accommodation!

Baby Kangaroo at Sunflowers Animal Farm, Margaret River


Sunflowers Animal Farm, Margaret River

For an extra few dollars, you can purchase a bucket of food to hand out as you wander around the farm. They also have bottle feeding sessions at the start and end of each day.

If you can, try to visit outside of school holidays and during the week. We turned up on a Tuesday morning and we were one of about three cars in the car park. This meant we could spend more time with the orphaned joeys, tiny lambs and army of guinea pigs! 

things you have to do when visiting the margaret river region - sunflowers animal farm
Kangaroo Selfie
Kangaroos in Margaret River

Hamelin Bay

Situated north of the sleepy town of Augusta, Hamelin Bay is an absolute must-see for those looking for a truly memorable experience.

This private tour can be customised to take in many of the attractions and places mentioned here, including Hamelin Bay, so to book your spot click here.

The Margaret River region boasts some of the most abundant sea life imaginable, and Hamelin Bay is the pinnacle of this. This beautiful stretch of white sand is famous for its giant stingrays, who swoop in on the shallows and around your feet. 

Visiting the stingrays at Hamelin Bay

As always though, nature never goes to plan. We drove to Hamelin Bay three times before we got the chance to experience these beauties up close! And they are SO much bigger than we thought they would be.

We won’t lie to you, we were kind of intimidated. They were super gentle though and were more interested in the sand we were kicking up around us than they were in us as potential stinging victims. 

Hamelin Bay, Margaret River

The beaches in the Margaret River region can get battered in times of high wind and storms; the first time we went to Hamelin Bay the entire beach was covered in seaweed as a result of an early winter storm. The bay also made the news a few weeks before we arrived in Western Australia.

Sadly a pod of 150 short-finned pilot whales beached themselves, and locals pulled together to try to save as many as they could. The dead whales attracted sharks to the area too, so be mindful of local safety advice and stay off of beaches if they are marked as closed. It’s always for good reason!    


The main, and obvious, draw of ‘Busso’ is its huge 2km long jetty jutting out into the gorgeous waters of Geographe Bay. Visitors can opt to take the Jetty Train, or walk to the end. Being keen to take the time to soak in the sights, we walked it.

And man, do you feel the 2km there and 2km back… We loved being able to stop and look back on the town though, as well as take some Insta-worthy photos along the train tracks. 

Busselton Jetty, WA
Things you have to do when visiting the margaret river region - Busselton Jetty

At the end of the jetty sits one of the world’s only underwater observatories. A short guided tour leads you down into the depths to admire the sea life through huge windows. And, if you’re lucky, you may see a sea lion playing in the waves like we did!

Save yourself some time (and money) by booking your Jetty Train and Observatory entrance tickets here.

Busselton Underwater Observatory

Wineries & Breweries

Sam’s birthday fell during our time in the Margaret River region, so we went on a brewery tour to mark the occasion. Strangely enough, almost all the photos we took from that day are not ones we would like to share with the world. Kez especially felt very sorry for herself the next day. 

Bars in Margaret River

We didn’t really know what to expect from the Australian wine scene, but during our time there we were astounded by the variety available. From the Hunter Valley in NSW, to the Barossa Valley in South Australia, there are a lot of wineries to tick off!

With over 150 wineries and breweries in just one small corner of Southwest Australia, the Margaret River region has everything a foodie could wish for. And as the landscape is so beautiful, the vineyards are something else entirely.

We worked for part of the pruning season at Ashbrook Estate and made the most of our time there by sampling their amazing wine selection. Most wineries in the region offer complimentary tastings, but not all, so check before you rock up and expect free wine! And always make sure you have a driver who will not be drinking; the wineries are spread out and there are limited taxis in Margs.

Or, even better, book yourself onto one of the numerous winery tours and get someone else to do the driving for you! For Viator’s top-rated winery tours, take a look below:

Wine on tap in Margaret River


Western Australia’s beaches are up there with the most pristine beaches in the world. We will fight anyone who says otherwise. We never expected to have such vast expanses of white sand to ourselves, and on days when there were others there, it was still only a handful of people.

No trip to the Margaret River region is complete without a day at the beach. We’ve curated and ranked our five favourite beaches of the Margaret River region below:

1. Injidup Beach

We stumbled upon what became our favourite WA beach by accident, looking for Injidup Natural Spa (see the next paragraph)!

One morning we arrived here and watched dolphins playing in the waves with the surfers. It was the most incredible moment to witness of our travels so far. And we were always the only people on the beach, besides the surfers. 

things you have to do when visiting the margaret river region - Injidup Beach

To find this paradise for yourself, head north out of Margaret River along Caves Road, then turn left down Wyadup Road. Instead of following this road along its entirety, take a left down Cape Clairault Road and pull up in the car park at the end. The steps down to the beach are near the top end of the car park.

2. Bunker Bay

Brought to our attention by the label on a bottle of wine, this beach blew us away entirely. Edged by some of the most desirable real estate in the region, Bunker Bay is the epitome of paradise. It even has a small cafe/bar open during the day.

We spent a whole morning here just soaking up the rays, and again only saw a handful of people. It’s near to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, so why not make a day of it and tick two items off your Margaret River region bucket list?

Cape to Cape walking trail view

Drive north from Margaret River, heading towards Yallingup. At the turning, go right and follow signs for the lighthouse. You’ll pass Sugarloaf Road on the left, but keep going a little bit further and you’ll find Bunker Bay Road on your right. The car park is well signposted from there. 

3. Rivermouth

things you have to do when visiting the margaret river region - Rivermouth beach

Rivermouth was one of the first places we were taken to when we got to Margaret River, and it left us speechless. Huge waves crash upon the sand, and at high tide, the sea meets the river. This is where kids from the Margaret River region learn to surf. You can also paddleboard and kayak up the river to explore further inland.

At sunset, the locals congregate at neighbouring Surfer’s Point to watch the sun go down and eat from food trucks. You don’t want to miss that either.

Sunset at Surfers Point, Margaret River

Follow the locals, or any road out onto Caves Road from Margaret River and then signs to Prevally. It’s well signposted and there is plenty of parking, but fines are in place if you ignore the signs and camp overnight. 

4. Redgate

We didn’t actually spend much time here, which we regret. We walked across this beach as part of the Cape to Cape section we did. When we were there, it was actually closed to swimmers but there were a few people lounging on the sand. It’s a lovely and secluded beach which we’d go back to in a heartbeat.

Cape to Cape from Redgate Beach, Margaret River

Redgate beach is again off Caves Road but isn’t signposted as a beach. Find Redgate Road, and at the end of the road is the car park. There are toilet facilities there too. 

5. Prevally

Prevally is next to Surfer’s Point and Rivermouth. There is a nice walk along the dunes at the back of the beach, which takes you to an eatery called White Elephant Cafe. It’s a really chilled spot to watch the sun go down from. There is also a lookout up the steps nearby which you can sometimes see whales from.

Beaches in Western Australia

Injidup Natural Spa

We accidentally found our number one favourite beach in the Margaret River region by trying (unsuccessfully) to find the Injidup Natural Spa. We had read a number of blog posts on how to find it but they seemed to be a bit contradictory. The tide was also really far in, making it hard to spot. 

Indijup Natural Spa at sunset

Injidup Natural Spa is essentially a big rock pool. The tide channels in through fissures in the rock and pummels the pool with (cold!) seawater. It’s like a tidal jacuzzi. We watched the sunset there one evening, which was magical.

Be warned: the waves crashing beyond the rock pool can be very strong, and the water can be quite forceful as it comes into the Spa. And, as with all rock pools, you won’t be alone in there! Crabs and other sea life reside in the protection of Injidup Natural Spa, but we’ve heard that on a hot summer’s day there is nothing better than cooling off in the pool. 

things you have to do when visiting the margaret river region - indijup natural spa

To find the Spa, drive north along Caves Road, and turn left down Wyadup Road. Keep following the road all the way along. You will reach a small car park at the base of some rocks. Climb over the car park boundary markers (i.e. cut logs on the ground) to the left of the car park as you are facing the rocks. Follow the rocky path down towards the sea.

You will have to clamber over some more rocks to reach the pool, so be mindful of them being slippery. The pool is in between two bigger sections of rock. As you pass the boulders that make up the rocks you saw at the end of the car park, Injidup Natural Spa will be on the right-hand side too. 

Margaret River Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday, the main street in and out of Margaret River fills up with cars at the sides of the road as people from all over flock to the Farmers’ Market. Running roughly from 8 am – 12 pm (this does change with the seasons, so double check), wander amongst the stalls of local produce and smell all the amazing smells that go with it. 

Held at the Margaret River Educational Campus on the Bussel Highway, it’s easy walking distance from the town centre. Many locals buy their fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and bread here for the week ahead, so arrive early to avoid missing out! 

The Best Things To Do in Margaret River

So, that sums up the top ten things you have to do if you’re in the Margaret River region!

For such a small corner of such a big state in such a huge country, Margaret River and the surrounding area has so much to do and see. We hope we’ve helped you to decide what to do in Margaret River.

If you’re ever in Perth, seriously consider driving the three hours south for a long weekend at the very least. We guarantee you will have the time of your life!

Have you visited Margs? What was a highlight for you? 

And please, if you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it!

Cheers, all the best.

Sam and Kez x

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10 Things You Have To Do When Visiting The Margaret River Region
10 Things You Have To Do When Visiting The Margaret River Region


  1. World of Lina August 9, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    I’ve never heard of this region in Australia but it looks like it has a lot to offer! I’d SO love to explore the caves and visit the cute animals at the farm 🙂

  2. SHANY August 9, 2020 at 5:19 am

    Wow! The caves and the beaches are stunning! I’ve never heard of this place before but now I’m definitely want to visit. Thank you for sharing this!

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    I never heard of the Margaret River Region before. It looks and sounds like an amazing place. I’m definitely putting it on my bucket list when I eventually make my way to Australia. 🙂

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    The Margaret River Region looks absolutely lovely and your photos are beautiful! I would love to do the forest adventure forest experience there. It looks so much fun even if it is a little nerve-wracking haha.

    1. So Today We Found August 8, 2020 at 7:42 pm

      Thank you! It’s sooo pretty, it was our first stop on our Australia travels and we miss it so much! I was frightened of the zip lining at first haha but soon got the hang of it!

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    I’d never heard of the Margaret River Region before! This made me want to book a trip to Australia right now! Hamelin Bay looks like an amazing place to visit as did the animal sanctuary.

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      It’s so amazing! It’s the cutest little town and the beaches are spotless! Book the ticket haha


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