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Now that I’ve had a bit of time to adjust to being pregnant, and get used to the idea that I’m actually growing a real-life human being, I wanted to share how the second trimester has gone for me. Welcome to the second blog post in the series, Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester!

I decided to start this blog series to share my pregnancy experiences in each trimester. If you haven’t read the first blog post yet, you can do so here.

So, let’s get on with it!

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Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester

The Holiday Period of Pregnancy

The second trimester is hailed as a bit of a ‘break’ for the pregnant mumma. In all fairness, I found this to be largely true.

You are supposed to get less of the sickness of the first trimester, and you’re not yet suffering from the achiness and heaviness that develops as you get further into the final trimester.

I’m actually writing this well into my third trimester (I’m 35 weeks today) and so I’ve been living through the struggles of the last stages of pregnancy for some time now! Out of all the trimesters, the second was definitely the most enjoyable for me. 

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Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

I experienced a lot of fatigue in the second trimester, which actually surprised me. I’d thought that I would be full of energy and super productive, but at the beginning and end of the second trimester I was really tired.

I had awful headaches in the first trimester, so was so glad when these barely made an appearance in the second trimester. There were a few headaches here and there, but they were no way near as bad as they were in the first trimester.

The backaches started in the second trimester as the baby grew! I’m coming from a place of back issues anyway due to being cursed with stupidly large boobs, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage to begin with.

These started off light, at about 20 weeks, but by the time I was 24 weeks I had ordered this pregnancy support belt off Amazon to help when going for walks or doing housework. It definitely makes a huge difference. If you’re pregnant and suffering, do yourself a favour and order one of these!

The main thing I struggled with in the second trimester was my emotions. I’m not a very emotional person – I’m very black and white. Feeling out of control of my emotions wasn’t a nice feeling. And as my brain started to melt as the trimester went along, it just got worse and worse. 

I felt very confused and out of control and this would make me get very frustrated and angry. This usually culminated in me bursting into tears! We had a period of about 2 or 3 weeks where I was very moody and unpredictable – I swear it’s a miracle that Sam and I are still married…

I had one memorable meltdown because I felt sad, and couldn’t work out why I felt sad. The more I thought about it, the sadder I got as I realised that one day my baby will feel really sad and I won’t be able to stop that from happening. It’s crazy how these little babies really tug at your heartstrings before they’ve even entered the world.

Baby Kicks

First time mums usually feel baby movements from around 18 weeks, but I was fortunate to feel them very early.

One night when I was about 14 or 15 weeks, I felt an odd scraping sensation in my womb. I wasn’t too sure what it was, but I hoped that it was baby movement. Then, the next night, I felt a definite ‘swish’! I described it to Sam as though I’d swallowed a goldfish; I could feel its tail and fins brushing against the edge of my uterus.

From then on, the movements became stronger and more defined. Now, the baby is SUPER active, and it can be surprisingly painful. 

Baby Bump

It took me quite some time to ‘show’ in this pregnancy. Up until 24 weeks or so, it was easy for me to hide my bump if I wore something baggy. By the last two weeks of the second trimester, I had definitely ‘popped’, but even now I’m pretty small still.

Let me take this opportunity to talk a bit about bump envy. For some reason, as soon as a woman is pregnant, it’s like all knowledge of socially acceptable conversation just disappears around you. People LOVE to talk to/at you about your body and your bump. 

If you’re measuring small, or big, it can really make you worry that something is the matter. I spent ages staring at other women’s bumps at a similar stage to mine. They all looked so pregnant! And I just looked like I had a little pot belly.

In hindsight, staying smaller for longer was a definite blessing. I’ve subsequently struggled with worsening backaches and pelvic girdle pain (PGP), which actually developed pretty late in the game!

Comparison photo of week 25 and week 26 in my pregnancy

Nursery Progress

I set a deadline to get the nursery done by September. That meant we had a LOT of work to do over summer. We kept the walls the same colour, and just changed the floor and curtains. Then we dressed the room to be more suitable for a baby.

We had a really tight budget, so wanted to spread out the work over as long a time period as possible to avoid financially crippling ourselves in one fell swoop.

We’ve gone for a gender neutral nursery with warm, earthy tones as these are supposedly calming for babies. Take a look at this blog post for more about our budget nursery makeover.

Gender Neutral small nursery

Team Green

We haven’t found out the gender and have no intention of finding out. That doesn’t mean it’s not been tempting though!

Most of our friends and family thought we were having a girl to begin with, and we thought the same. But, the further along I go, the less convinced I am about that! It’s definitely more of an even split now.

We did loads of old wives’ tales just for fun, and the huge majority of them came out as ‘girl’ rather than ‘boy’. So I guess we’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out!

Baby Names

We have a top name picked for a boy and a girl, including middle names. Surprisingly, we agreed on names pretty easily! I’d had nightmares of standoffs between Sam and I when trying to choose baby names we both liked.

We aren’t sharing the names we have chosen. This is because we don’t want people to be judging our chosen names before the poor thing has even come along! Also, we don’t want anyone to make us second guess the names we’ve picked by giving their opinion when it hasn’t been asked for. 

I will give you a hint though: the first names are kind of traditional, with loose family connections. We chose them because we liked them though, not because we are naming our baby after a distant relative. The middle names are a bit more unique, without being too ‘out there’. 

My Experience of the Second Trimester

The second trimester totally breezed by for me. The first trimester dragged, and now I’m in the third and final trimester, that is going even slower. 

If it wasn’t for the huge rollercoaster of emotions I experienced in the second trimester, I probably wouldn’t have felt pregnant at all!

Get in touch in the comments if you’re also pregnant, I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers, all the best.

Kez x

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