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What To Buy For Iceland

If you’ve never been to a cold destination before, working out what to buy for Iceland can seem daunting. We’ve put together a FREE printable packing list of the exact items we took with us for a six-day break in November, available for download at the end of this post. This will help you work out what you already have at home, and what to buy for Iceland.

Bear in mind this may need to be adjusted for the length of time/time of year you are intending to travel. The weather is extremely unpredictable though, so in our view, it is always better to prepare for very cold weather at whatever time of year you go. We’ve linked to some of our favourite products in this article, to help you find them quickly and get you on your way sooner!

Six-Day Iceland Packing List:

  • Thermals: x4 long sleeved tops, x2 vests, x3 leggings
  • x1 fleece lined leggings/fleece joggers – girls, if you’ve never worn fleecy leggings before, you are in for a TREAT
  • x6 cotton socks
  • x3 thermal/fluffy socks – ALWAYS wear more than one pair of socks when heading out
  • x6 long sleeved tops
  • x1 walking boots
  • x1 thick woollen jumper
  • x1 sports leggings/thick joggers – these are easy to layer over thermal leggings!
  • x1 long sleeve sports jumper
  • x1 thick, PROPER winter coat (down jacket or puffa jacket ideally)
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Clothes and shoes for dinner – because you don’t want to be in your outdoor clothes when you’re inside with heating!
  • Swimwear – natural thermal pools, remember?
  • Sunglasses – even though it’s cold, it can be very bright 
  • Sunscreen – we know this may sound a bit daft, but the sun reflects off the snow and can give you quite the sunburn if you aren’t careful!
  • Underwear – obviously… how many pairs is up to you, we won’t judge

For easy access to this list, so you can save it on your phone and refer back when you hit the shops/online shops, make sure to download our FREE Printable Iceland Packing List. Just click on the image below!
Free Printable Iceland Packing List

Obviously ,if you are going camping or taking part in any specific activities, there will be equipment we haven’t listed here that you will need to take with you. We also wouldn’t be without our trusty GoPro Hero Black or our Sony A6000 camera.

Psst! Take a look at the route we travelled around Iceland here!

Is there anything we’ve missed? What did you take with you that came in super helpful? Let us know!

Cheers, all the best.

Sam and Kez x

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Free Printable Iceland Packing List

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